Top 5 Businessmen Influencing Politics

While politicians need money to run their campaigns, businessmen want to influence politics. The rich want to use their wealth and influence to control policies and political decisions. Since politicians depend on their influence and money, they will make sure that they do not go against the wishes of the extremely rich. There are several rich businessmen influencing politics but only the top 5 will be discussed.

  1. Koch Brothers:

Together, David H. Koch and Charles Koch own the Koch industries. The company which makes up to $100 billion per year was started by their father in Kansas and deals on oil and energy. The Koch brothers adopt the conservative political ideology and therefore invest millions of dollars into it. However, they are secretive and rarely speak in public.

  1. George Soros

The billionaire George Soros was responsible for devaluation of the pounds in 1992 when he short sold over $10 billion in pounds. He has been actively involved in American politics. Soros was determined to see that the President Bush was removed from the office and he was actively in support of the President Obama. Even though he did not stop supporting Obama, Soros was angry with Obama’s advisors because the President failed to go with his idea to reform the banking system in line with the Danish System.

  1. Warren Buffett

The self-made billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffett has been actively involved in politics. He expressed his concern that the extremely rich pay lesser tax than people in lower class. Buffet decried that he pays less tax than his secretary and proposed that tax should be increased on households earning up to $1 million which led the president Obama to come up with the so-called Buffet rule.

  1. Jeffrey Katzenberg

Katzenberg was rated by OpenSecrets as the highest political donor. He supported Obama’s campaign in 2012 and he donated $2 million to priorities USA Action. He is a Holywood tycoon and the CEO of DreamWorks Animation.

  1. Jerrold Perenchio

Perenchio was second in OpenSecrets list; he is a top Republican donor. He donated $3 million to the Progress for America Voter Fund in 2004, $1 million to American Crossroad in 2010, $500,000 to McCain campaign and so forth.