Why Politics and Business Don’t Mix

Everybody has his political stance, whether apolitical or not and too often than not political interests conflict and could be divisive. Of course, politics could be an interesting subject to discuss in various setting but when it comes to business or work platforms, it is a general rule not to discuss politics. The reason for this rule is to avoid any kind of pressure that could come by virtue of imposing one’s political view upon another.

Obviously, this rule is important whether in a small business or large business environment but small businesses or people who do not yet have a long and accomplished career have more to lose if they mix politics with business. The time we live is already divisive and therefore bringing in a highly divisive topic as politics in a business platform could blow up everything.

Too often than not, we hold dear our individual political views and usually we have polarized view. Yes, you will hardly find a person who believes that his political stance is wrong even if it is fanatical or extreme. Politics and sociopolitical issues all tend to be polarized. No doubts, there may be a point in business where policy issues and business interest will meet, however, business leaders should masterly handle such nexus in order not to upset or unbalance the people and the system.

A person’s potentials could be greatly limited, especially early in his career if he is too quick to air his political views. It is generally advised to hold on to your view in controversial issues. The only exclusion to this rule is if you do not really care about losing your opportunities. Of course, opportunities means everything to a business, especially new ones and this is even much more important in the very competitive business environment we have today.

Most importantly, it should be understood that many people do not want to mix business with politics or personal matters and therefore it will be wrong if you bring in such addictives into it. Business ought to be business and adhering to this will make it flourish as supposed. A sensible and professional business environment will focus on the business itself and leave off unimportant issues such as politics.