Politician vs. Businessmen

It’s always argued whether successful businessmen are smarter and tougher than successful politicians. Successful businessmen usually believe that because they are able to build business empires and probably have hundreds or thousands of employees under them and a huge account that they are smarter than successful politicians but this is not always true. Of course, it takes toughness and smartness to have large net worth and more smartness is even required to build powerful business empires but it equally takes a lot of smartness to climb political ladders. If you are fortune to be the President of a country like United States, you really need to be both smart and tough.

No doubts, successful businessmen are smart and tough but a successful businessman in the midst of successful politicians is like a boy among men. At the height of politics, you need a kind of ambition that will not take anything else for an answer. Due to the ruthless nature of politics, it attracts all kinds of people. Politics is a game where you can find some of the most ambitious and ruthless people on earth. This might explain the reason why you will find mostly men and sparingly few women in top political positions, not only in the U.S. but also in many other countries of the world.

The meanness demonstrated by most successful politician shows that politics attract men with unnatural appetite who can go to any length to eliminate their opponents, even if it means killing them. To some extent business requires some levels of toughness but to a large extent it is idealistic when compared to politics. In a business a handshake may mean that a deal has been made between the two parties but you cannot say the same about politics.

In addition, top political offices such as the president would have to face some of the most ruthless and toughest people on earth. In such positions, you need to handle issues masterly and still get away with it. Without smartness and toughness, it may not be possible to achieve the required success in politics; thus politics is clearly not a game for amateurs.