Mixing Business and Politics Means Disaster

Politics could be divisive and interestingly different people have their individual political views. Mixing business with politics will simply result to exactly what happened during the U.S. general election. The house was divided into two in a ratio 49:51. Mixing politics with business will simply tear the business into two and since the business world is increasingly becoming competitive, this means that your customers will look for competitive businesses.

A business environment should be kept professional; this means that personal or controversial issues should be kept out of the game, politics inclusive. When running an online business, you should be particularly concerned with what you post to the audience. You may not know it but your audience is very concerned with every iota of words you use. Using political words or appealing to any political view may very well please some of your audience but be sure that some others will be discouraged.

The best thing to do in a business is to maintain a neutral stance when it comes to politics. As regards elections, voting or anything political, it is best not to comment anything. In case of an online business, it is advisable that not to even post anything related to politics in your Facebook or any other social media. Only disaster can result when politics is mixed with business. It does not matter whether or not you are desperately in love with politics; business is a professional environment and should be kept professional.

In much the same way you will not use curse in your posts and videos simply because you would not want your audience to be offended, politics should also be excluded from such speech or post. In fact, whatever it is that could make you to stand the chance of losing a customer should be avoided in a business. This does not only include politically motivated words or speech. Pictures can even go a long way to reveal your political position but this should be avoided even in social networks especially if your social network audience constitutes your customer-base. No doubts, you may get several likes or shares but it will end it disaster.