How Much a U.S. Politician Earn

If you are vying for a political position in the United States it might be important to first dig around to know the amount you would be paid every year. U.S. politician salaries vary by position. Usually federal offices earn more than state offices while state offices earn more than local government offices. To know how much a U.S. politician earn, we need to look at each position.

The President of the United States

The U.S. president receives a salary of $400,000 each year. The salary of the U.S. president has been increased five times from the time of George Washington. The U.S. vice president receives a salary of $231,900.

Members of Congress

The U.S. House of Representative and senate members earn $174,000 base salary per year. While some believe that this salary is too big for their job, some others believe it is too small.


U.S. governors’ salaries vary depending on the state. Some states’ governors are paid as low as $70,000 while some others receive close to $200,000. Maine and Colorado are two states that pay their governors very low whereas Pennsylvania’s governor is paid $190,823.

State Legislators

State legislators receive varying pay depending on their job. Some state legislators do part-time jobs while some others do full-time job. Full-time elected state legislators can earn up to $81,079 while part-time legislators earn $19, 197. Elected California’s legislators earn up to $91,000.

County Level Politicians

County commissioners and executives receive salaries depending on the population they represent and a few other factors. County executives can receive up to $200,000 and in some top places like San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston and Manhattan, top elected county officials earn over $200,000. Some less populated locations pay below $100,000.

Local Elected Officials – Majors

Majors in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and so forth are paid over $200,000. San Francisco pays $289,000 salary to its major. Majors in mid-sized cities may be paid below $100,000 and those in really small cities or towns may not be paid, they may be given stipends.

In some of the positions mentioned, unpaid officials can receive benefits such as healthcare benefits worth tens of thousands of dollars.